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Shadowrun Saturday: The Taxi Cab Wars

by Ivo, Skimble, Joe, & Azrael


Jonny Lin’s business, the Paper Fan Taxi Company, was finally turning a good profit, that is until his cabs began having “accidents”. Lee Chung’s company the Blue Dragon Taxi Company sees to be getting a lot more business. A war is brewing in the streets of Kowloon, the meter is running!

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Shadowrun Saturday: Little Trouble in Big China

By Azrael, Skimble, & Joe

Game Date: Thursday 6th March 2070


On the tenth floor of an office block, a worried man looks down at the body on his floor. He reaches down and grabs the ankle and starts pulling it further into the room, closing the office door behind him after a quick glance to confirm no one is looking. He drags the woman out of immediate view from the office door, looks down one last time at her blood-matted hair, and shakes his head.

Locking the office door behind him, and leaving the door to the reception area open he leaves, heading for an urgent meeting with his friend Dan Dan Soong.
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Shadowrun Saturday: Special Delivery for Mr Priam

By Azrael

Date: Wednesday 05.02.2070


A mysterious Fixer known only as Mr Priam contacts Sammy Lee through his contacts in the Red Dragon Triad.  Mr Priam wants a groups of Shadowrunners to break into the Accio Inc facility on Hong Kong island and steal the data on their new budget range Comm Link the Accio Apollo.  The only problem is, Mr Priam doesn’t want there to be any trace that the file was stolen…

Is Sammy Lee’s newly formed team up to the task?  Can they cope with running on Hong Kong Island?  Will they invoke the power of 3… tune in and find out!
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Where is Jackie Chan?

By Azrael

Date: Tuesday 28.01.2070 (Chinese New Year 29.01.2070 – Year of the Tiger)


Where is Jackie Chan? Two days before the Chinese New Year and the premier of “Jackie Chan, Who Am I?” a new biographical SIM, Jackie Chan has gone missing. Jackie Chan is in fact the real great grandson of the legendary Hong Kong idol who died in 2040. Five years in the making (and put back by Crash 2.0) this new SIM was due to be the relaunch of the troubled actor’s career, but everybody is asking “Where is Jackie Chan?”. In an attempt to keep the media at bay the talent agency Capricorn One has no choice but to hire a different sort of talent, this time from the shadows.

Sammy Lee has always been a people person (or a people’s dwarf) but now he has less that 24 hours to put together a team to track down Jackie Chan.
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