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Review: Meddling Kids

By Ian Warner


Meddling Kids is, in all but name, the Scooby Doo roleplaying game. The players are cast as a group of kids who solve mysteries with the aid of the Games Master controlled Wild Card which is usually an anthropomorphic animal but can also be a sentient inanimate object. A flying toaster is included as an idea. The game was originally released in 2004 but had a poor critical reception. Recently it has been rereleased in PDF which is how I came to hear about it. My thanks to Pandahead Productions for selling me an original print run hardcopy though. I do hate reading PDFs for anything more than a quick glance. Anyway let us begin with a look at this baby. Continue reading ‘Review: Meddling Kids’ »

Monkey: The Storytelling Game of the Journey to the West

By Ian Warner


To say the Monkey Roleplaying Game was hotly anticipated is something of an understatement. Frequenters of the Mongoose forums will be aware of the 100+ page thread begging for a Monkey Roleplaying Game. Well your request has finally been answered but not by Mongoose. D101 Games is a small outfit much like Postmortem and it is they who have published this long sought after Holy Grail of Roleplaying Games. Something of a coup that is sure to do well for them. Curses! Beaten to it! Ahem…. anyway here is my totally unbiased review of Monkey: The Storytelling Game of the Journey to the West.

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Review: Clash of the Titans

Or, more accurately, “Clash of Clashes of the Titans”

By Skimble

The Kraken from "Clash of the Titans" in 1981

The 1981 Kraken

In the red corner we have “Clash of the Titans” from 1981,  the original film with stop-motion animated special effects by the master of the art, Ray Harryhausen. With a storyline sticking moderately closely to at least one classical version of the story of Perseus, the film is fondly remembered for its take on Greek mythology even if it is a bit cheesy in places.

In the blue corner we have “Clash of the Titans” from 2010, allegedly a remake of the film in the red corner.

A picture of the Kraken from the 2010 "Clash of the  Titans"

The 2010 Kraken

However, it  pretty much dispenses with any sense of continuity not only with the film but with the classic myths on which it was based.

It is likely to be remembered for its kick-ass special effects where the various monsters are concerned and also for its shoddy attempt to rush 3D on to a film that was made in 2D, resulting in an unsatisfying 3D performance.

So how does the 2010 film compare with its inspiration (aside from the brief synopsis you’ve just read)? Will you like the 2010 remake even if you haven’t seen the original?

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Review: Geist: The Sin Eaters

By Ian Warner


Geist: The Sin Eaters is the latest in the New World of Darkness line from White Wolf Studios. There was a lot of anticipation and confusion about this game. The fact the title is the German for Ghost made some think it was the New World of Darkness’ version of Wraith. Although there are some similarities, this is not the case. A Geist is a hybrid of a Ghost and a Spirit. Although it was once a Ghost it has now surrendered its identity to become more conceptual. Geists can make a deal with a dying human, offering a second chance at life in exchange for a spiritual merging that creates a Sin Eater. Wraith was clearly an inspiration but this is a totally different game with a new and inventive type of supernatural. This put many Wraith fans off on its own but I was not so deterred. As much as I love Wraith I was willing to try out this new and decidedly more upbeat Death themed game. So here are my thoughts.

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Review: Blood Bowl (PC)

By Ian Warner


Blood Bowl is a computer game adaptation of the classic Games Workshop miniatures board game. Its stated aim is to capture the spirit of its tabletop equivalent and translate it into a violent sports game like no other. This it excels at.

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