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A Kent Requiem Primer (LARP)

By Andrew “Rannos” Moran

Some new players to the Isle of Darkness LARP get lost immediately in the plot. So I think a small Primer is in Order for you all.

What is the Kent Requiem Larp?

The Kent Requiem is a Monthly LARP (Live-Action Role Play)  set in the World of Darkness where 15 – 25 people per month turn up to Keynes on campus on the last Sunday of the month to play characters in a gripping and amazing setting based on “Vampire: the Requiem”, high on Action, Mystery and Intrigue.

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Game Write-Ups

By Azrael

I’ve been gaming for many years and while I will now only occasionally write-up the events of a game I used to be a lot more prolific.

There are some of my write-ups that I am rather partial to, and while they have been published in Dragon Droppings before I feel that this new publishing medium merits their republication.

Hopefully you will enjoy them. Hopefully others, maybe even you will be inspired to share with us some write-ups of games you’ve played in.

So keep your eyes out for regular appearances of my game write-ups. Some will be stand-alone, others add together to make up a whole campaign.

We’ll be starting with Shadowrun..  See you in the next post chummer!