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GM’s Blog – Geist: The Sin-Eaters 15th May 2012

For those who don’t know, Geist: The Sin-Eaters is a game in which players portray those given a second chance at life. They died but were offered a bargain by a spiritual entity called a Geist. It would let them live again and in exchange they would share their life with it. The resulting gestalt of living flesh and deathly energies is called a Sin-Eater. Sin-Eaters are all able to see and interact with the dead and gain power by resolving or consuming the ghosts of the departed. They are also able to physically journey into the Underworld to seek forbidden knowledge and to interact with those long dead.

This game has been running since Geist was published in 2009 and features a group of Sin-Eaters in London who have recently bound themselves together into a krewe (s supernaturally bound group that channels energy from the Underworld)  in the face of competition from two larger krewes. Their krewe has no official name as yet but the characters have also founded a company called Twilight Investigations which offers help with troubled spirits and other occult weirdness.

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Geist Downtime – Better than Life 1

- By Andrew “Rannos” Moran

Some of the players in my LARP have busy schedules, and are unable to make it to my game,  so I send them little stories and snapshots of what their characters were upto during the game instead.  

Better than Life 1

The unyielding rain beats down around you at an odd pace like a slow Danse Macabre. With the thin canopy overhead providing little shelter you’re a sitting duck, and you know it.  Every step forward your feet sink a little farther into the mud, squelching loudly and ungracefully up the sides of your boots.

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Review: Geist: The Sin Eaters

By Ian Warner


Geist: The Sin Eaters is the latest in the New World of Darkness line from White Wolf Studios. There was a lot of anticipation and confusion about this game. The fact the title is the German for Ghost made some think it was the New World of Darkness’ version of Wraith. Although there are some similarities, this is not the case. A Geist is a hybrid of a Ghost and a Spirit. Although it was once a Ghost it has now surrendered its identity to become more conceptual. Geists can make a deal with a dying human, offering a second chance at life in exchange for a spiritual merging that creates a Sin Eater. Wraith was clearly an inspiration but this is a totally different game with a new and inventive type of supernatural. This put many Wraith fans off on its own but I was not so deterred. As much as I love Wraith I was willing to try out this new and decidedly more upbeat Death themed game. So here are my thoughts.

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