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Creating an RPG

By Charlie Dougal

One of my many mottos is “If you’re going to do something either be lazy, or aim for something more difficult than you think you can handle… that way if you fail at least you fail at something hard.” Not my most concise motto, but you get the point. Oh and when I say RPG I am specifically referring to pen and paper (though many of the general ideas can be translated to video games).

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How do you get your Game on?

By David Stibbards

Thinking about running a new game in the coming academic year (worries about jobs and PhD’s aside) I began to wonder if there are any preferred ways of constructing game worlds and plot-lines.

This particular game, a post apocalyptic London, has been motivated by a strange, geographical impetus. Many of the ideas have sprung from maps of the city, and talking to Londoners (cocknius londinium) about some of the more distinctive and fitting monuments/eyesores. Battersea power station, Westminster Palace and the many museums. This all got me thinking; how do other people start planning their games?

I can see the relevance of forming your world around your plot, but having the geography of the world define the path the plot might take feels a little unusual. Does anyone have any more bizarre ways of forming the game world? The principle NPCs’ agendas first? A particular message or cause you want the players to get behind?

How do other people do it?