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Review: Codex Grey Knights

By Ian Warner


What the fuck? What the flying fuck? GW have shat on the Inquisition and focused their attention on their Chuck Norris Clone gimps in shiny armour?

Yes I know it’s a shock and will cue the nerd rage that once again the Inquisition has been forced to take a backseat in the wargame despite being the best thing about the Imperium. Especially as the goody two shoes Knights now have centre stage.

It appears at first that once again us Radicals have been betrayed in favour of our bone headed Puritan cousins.

However fear not this is not a betrayal. In fact it is a call to arms for Radicals and Inquisitor fans everywhere.

How? Well let’s have a look.

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[Lost Fiction] – A Midnight Skate

By Andrew “Rannos” Moran

Here is a Fiction Piece from my Changeling: the Lost LARP character.

Apologies for my poor grammar [What poor grammar? This blog has an editor for a reason, you know! - Ed.] and to Laura for putting my words into her character’s mouth. Hopefully she won’t disapprove.

I stared hard and warily at my ice skates. They looked almost impossible to balance on, having only small slivers of metal to connect me to the ground. I don’t really like the ice, not that I’ll admit it. Ice is harsh, unending and freezing, but worst of all Ice reminds me of when I escaped and was lost. Sighing slightly I started to remove my boots, doing so slowly in the hopes that the inevitable would not happen.

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Language: The Lost

By Andrew “Rannos” Moran

One of the often underused attributes in any RPG is that of language. Most believable worlds are vast and have characteristics similar to our own and when your epic heroes travel further away it makes sense that they encounter people who can’t speak the same language as them, I need only to take a small boat ride to France to encounter a totally different primary language.

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Who are you? – RPG Player Types

By Andrew “Rannos” Moran

There are many types of gamer in the world. To some roleplaying is their life, to others it’s just a casual hobby. So who are you?

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By Skimble

Characterisation is one of the most useful skills that a roleplayer can learn. Done well it adds immeasurably to the gaming experience for both players and GMs, providing memorable characters and moments that people will still be talking about many years later.

Conversely, cookie-cutter NPCs and recycled characters can drag a game down, making it feel stale and forgettable.

The aim of this article is to give you a toolbox for building and portraying memorable, interesting characters who seem real (or at least verisimilar) to the other players. For the purposes of this article, “character” is used to refer to both Player Characters and Non-Player Characters.

If you have any tips or tricks you’d like to contribute that I haven’t mentioned, please tell us about them in the comments!

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Review: Meddling Kids

By Ian Warner


Meddling Kids is, in all but name, the Scooby Doo roleplaying game. The players are cast as a group of kids who solve mysteries with the aid of the Games Master controlled Wild Card which is usually an anthropomorphic animal but can also be a sentient inanimate object. A flying toaster is included as an idea. The game was originally released in 2004 but had a poor critical reception. Recently it has been rereleased in PDF which is how I came to hear about it. My thanks to Pandahead Productions for selling me an original print run hardcopy though. I do hate reading PDFs for anything more than a quick glance. Anyway let us begin with a look at this baby. Continue reading ‘Review: Meddling Kids’ »

Being Assimilated

- Or how to integrate yourself into a roleplaying group

- By Skimble

Many of you will be facing the challenge of becoming a productive member of a new or existing roleplaying group in the coming weeks. This can be a daunting task, especially if you have been used to gaming with people who were already friends up until now. This is doubly true if you are joining a game which which you are not familiar.

So what can you do to make the process easier and more successful? Here are a few tips from my experience.

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Monkey: The Storytelling Game of the Journey to the West

By Ian Warner


To say the Monkey Roleplaying Game was hotly anticipated is something of an understatement. Frequenters of the Mongoose forums will be aware of the 100+ page thread begging for a Monkey Roleplaying Game. Well your request has finally been answered but not by Mongoose. D101 Games is a small outfit much like Postmortem and it is they who have published this long sought after Holy Grail of Roleplaying Games. Something of a coup that is sure to do well for them. Curses! Beaten to it! Ahem…. anyway here is my totally unbiased review of Monkey: The Storytelling Game of the Journey to the West.

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Edge of Midnight Monday: The Unmasking of Mr. G

by Azrael

Case One – The Death of Harry Fontaine

Chapter Eleven – The Unmasking of Mr. G

31st October, 1949

And now, for the thrilling finale in The Death of Harry Fontaine, read on …

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Edge of Midnight Monday: The Tale of Two Prisoners

by Azrael

Case One – The Death of Harry Fontaine

Chapter Ten – The Tale of Two Prisoners

30th-31st October, 1949

So in walks the boss, and cradled in his arms is Shirley, but she’s not looking in a good way with more holes in her than a dutch cheese. I don’t know many people who could take that kind of punishment and survive it, but the boss seems to have hope as he gets onto his boss to have a Doc sent round. I don’t know how the boss is feeling, he’s covering it up pretty well, but I’m gutted, and Rocky is clearly devastated. Despite their little fall out the boss is determined to take care of her, and I find myself wanting to do the same. I like having Shirley around, and she’d sure be missed. Anyways, turns out that Sinclair chap is still out in the van, Rocky and I are sent out to bring him in too. I don’t know what’s up with the guy, he’s not exactly got a lot of blood on him, but he can’t even move. With the boss taking care of those two, and our captives in the bathroom, it’s sure going to be crowded in here tonight.

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Edge of Midnight Monday: The Terrible Tong and the Collapsed Cliff

by Azrael

Case One – The Death of Harry Fontaine

Chapter Nine – The Terrible Tong and the Collapsed Cliff

Early Afternoon, 30th October, 1949

POV: Shirley Homes

The situation certainly was sticky, stickier than a kid enjoying their Halloween hoard. As Bill and I rounded the bend we could see James’ car in the distance, being pushed closer to the edge of the cliff by the large gaunt. Bill approached it as fast as he was able, but going uphill was a struggle for his car. The Tong fish van behind us also held a pack of troubles that we didn’t need to deal with when we got to the end of the road. I couldn’t do anything to help James from here, so I decided to try and slow down the van behind us. Winding down the window I turned in the seat, so I could find my target through the rear window. My heart sank as I saw the golden goons hanging out of the van all held tommy guns pointed at us. I hoped to incapacitate the driver or van giving Bill a chance to pull away from them. Holding my arm out the window I aimed at the man behind the wheel, squeezing the trigger of my Webley and Scott… Just as the car jolted over a pothole. I tried to keep my hand steady, but realised my aim had been off as I saw steam start to spew out of the engine. I guess I’d hit the radiator, but the van didn’t noticeably start to slow down.

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The Truths of Scott Lynch

- By Skimble

Scott Lynch is the bestselling author of “The Lies of Locke Lamorra” and “Red Seas Under Red Skies”.

Given my audience I suspect no further introduction is necessary, but just in case:

Lies was published in 2006 to critical acclaim and follows the life of one Locke Lamorra; Gentleman Bastard, con-man, and thief; and his allies as they get involved in a complicated web of crime and intrigue. Red Seas followed in 2007 and took Locke to sea for another fantastic adventure.

If by some misbegotten chance you haven’t read either these books then I for one thoroughly recommend them. Not only are the two books already written a breath of fresh air in the fantasy genre but the Gentlemen Bastards series is scheduled to total 7 books in all and promises to be quite a ride!

I recently caught up with Scott Lynch by e-mail and he graciously agreed to answer a few questions.

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