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[Lost Fiction] – A Midnight Skate

By Andrew “Rannos” Moran

Here is a Fiction Piece from my Changeling: the Lost LARP character.

Apologies for my poor grammar [What poor grammar? This blog has an editor for a reason, you know! - Ed.] and to Laura for putting my words into her character’s mouth. Hopefully she won’t disapprove.

I stared hard and warily at my ice skates. They looked almost impossible to balance on, having only small slivers of metal to connect me to the ground. I don’t really like the ice, not that I’ll admit it. Ice is harsh, unending and freezing, but worst of all Ice reminds me of when I escaped and was lost. Sighing slightly I started to remove my boots, doing so slowly in the hopes that the inevitable would not happen.

Sally had convinced me that Ice-Skating would be a fantastic way to spend the evening and at the time it seemed like a great idea, but now I sat next to the rink I was not so sure.

I placed my boots to one side and continued to stare at the skates, like I was willing them to disappear. I’ve fought giant man-eating monsters and rescued Blizzard from almost certain doom, more than once, and these shoes made me nervous; the thought of this made me laugh slightly.

“Hurry up, Arty,” Sally giggled from across the ice, already skating.

“I’m Hurrying”, I replied, hoping the beaming smile on my face didn’t give anything away or seem too fake.

Sally seemed convinced and sped away contentedly. As I watched her on the ice she seemed so balanced; she glided across the ice easily, almost as though she had done it for years. I was surprised to learn earlier that Sally had only been ice-skating once before. I placed my feet into the skates and began to buckle them up just as Sally had shown me earlier. When I was done I stared back down at my feet. Let’s see if I can do this.

I pushed myself hesitantly off the chair, holding onto the arm to steady myself and began walking awkwardly out onto the rink. The ice made me shiver and I reached out to stop myself falling. Little by little I made it onto the ice, realising exactly how impossible it was to balance. Sally noticed me stumbling and skated towards me to help. Her help, however, consisted of mocking me; she stuck her tongue out at me in a way I didn’t think she could, a teasing, “I’m better than you”, kind of way. Coming from her. It was unexpected.

“Bet you can’t catch me,” she chimed, skating away as fast as she could. I was still unsteady on the ice but I began to slowly skate after her – until I fell unceremoniously onto my backside.

Sally saw my distress and skated back to help. “Are you okay?” she asked, somewhat amused. I looked up at her and nodded, accepting her offered hand.

“Yeah, I think so,” I replied. Unsteadily, I managed to stand. The Waterborn smiled and began skating by herself again, creating small circles around me. I watched her movements again and tried to mimic her style of skating; step, glide, step, glide; until  my skates gave way and I fell face first onto the ice, a burning stinging sensation across my mouth. I wiped it gently to find blood.

Sally skated back over, and saw me bleeding. She leant down and looked at my mouth closely; I felt silly and worried that I had caused her this trouble. After a while she gently tilted my head back for a closer look.

“It doesn’t look too bad,” she commented, “But let’s get off the ice for now.” I nodded, my mouth a little too raw to form words at her. Sally offered me her arm again and I used it to stand up, slowly; I didn’t want to fall again. Sally wrapped her arm around my waist and she led me back off the ice and over to the bench. “Sit,” she demanded, pointing at the chair. I sat down as Sally hurried off somewhere. I looked down at my skates and I cursed them; wishing death upon the inanimate objects  seemed stupid but I wanted to do it anyway.

I concentrated as the glamour coursed through my veins into my hands, my power beginning to build. It was then I felt a hand on mine.


Sally had returned and was carrying a small first aid kit. She placed it down next to me and opened the lid. She rummaged through the kit looking for a small alcohol wipe – the kind you get at fast food restaurants –  before removing one from the box.

“I know you could have healed that easily,” she said as she removed the wipe from the packet, “but It’s my fault for persuading you to come here.”

It wasn’t her fault at all, but It felt nice that someone was fussing over my injury. Ice-skating hasn’t defeated me yet.


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    Ian Warner says:

    I love it when WoD Characters find such wonder in the mundane. Usually its Prometheans but it is nice to see it in Changeling for a change.

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    “[...]Dragon Droppings » Blog Archive » [Lost Fiction] – A Midnight Skate[...]“

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