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Edge of Midnight Monday: Prologue

by Skimble & Azrael

The Last Case of Harry Fontaine

I was leaning back in my office chair with my feet propped on the desk, staring at nothing as curls of smoke drifted up to be torn apart by the ceiling fan.

My feet ached, ached like my heart did by the time Eva was through with me, only the blisters on my soles might one day heal.

I was getting closer, I could feel it. Feel like I could feel the smog clinging to my hair and skin, the smell of yesterday’s booze lingering on my own breath.

A tall silhouette appeared for a second at my office door, and then it burst inwards with a crash, shattered glass crunching under the Gaunt’s feet like hard snow as he ducked his head and stepped into the room.

I was still reaching for my gun when a row of scarlet holes stitched themselves across my rumpled white shirt, the Gaunt’s tommy gun spitting lead and chewing me up like hamburger.

I slumped backwards in my chair as the darkness poured in, my feet drumming a dead-man’s tattoo on the floor.

“Eva…” I whispered.

This is the start of a new series of write-ups based on the RPG game Edge of Midnight.

Enter a world where the mean streets go on forever and the only justice comes at the end of a gun. Experience a unique take on the gritty world of noir, tailor-made for the role-playing experience. It’s a universe of gumshoes and gun molls, of dark deeds and hard choices. But this isn’t just any noir world.

The laws of physics can be broken here, like every other law leading to criminal warlocks who ply magic like bootleggers smuggling gin. Inhuman “gaunts” rule the streets, while private detectives provide justice for a price. It’s a world just a shade off our own, where the skyscrapers loom taller and the shadows yawn wider. It’s a world on the cusp of the abyss… a world waiting at the edge of midnight.

This series contains 12 main blog episodes, starting today with the prologue and following with 11 chapters in the case The Murder of Harry Fontaine. During the series there will be a few additional blog posts containing background information and other extras. I do however warn you now, and this will be your only warning, some of the material in these write-ups may be considered more suitable to the adult reader. Caveat lector!

I hope you enjoy and, as always, I welcome your comments.

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