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A brief interview with the President

by Skimble

I managed to catch a few words with president (and president-elect) of the AGS, Craig Pooley. Here’s what he had to say about his immediate plans for the AGS.

Craig:  But yeah, it’s been brought to my attention that we can alter our constitution so that our returning officer for the elections isn’t someone from the Union. We still need someone from the Union there, but we can run the elections ourselves, our own way.

Skimble: Any plans for promoting different types of activities or ways of doing things? I know you mentioned you were keen to encourage more social activities.

Craig: Yes, it was brought up at SocFed yesterday that we can apply to the Union to subsidise part of transportation costs, making things like con visits more viable.

Skimble: That’s an interesting idea, one that has been considered in the past but unfortunately never actually had anything done about it.

Skimble:  It would definitely be a fun idea.

Craig: Yes. Unfortunately, I’m not clue-up on big gaming events at the moment.

Craig: And I have to run off now, stuff to do. Talk later, guys o/

Skimble:  Alright, seeya.


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    Ryan says:

    I would be interested in seeing more social stuff from the society. Even if it’s just a bunch of us sitting down somewhere, hanging out and having a chat. I’m reserving the right to call it “No Dice”

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    Davey says:

    Ryan: I agree, social is certainly the way forward and I’d be pleased to see it happen and even go as far as to participate! I’ve been looking for an excuse to get to know more folk from the AGS and more reasons as to why I should join.

    As a further note, I back your decision to call it “No Dice”.

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