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How do you get your Game on?

By David Stibbards

Thinking about running a new game in the coming academic year (worries about jobs and PhD’s aside) I began to wonder if there are any preferred ways of constructing game worlds and plot-lines.

This particular game, a post apocalyptic London, has been motivated by a strange, geographical impetus. Many of the ideas have sprung from maps of the city, and talking to Londoners (cocknius londinium) about some of the more distinctive and fitting monuments/eyesores. Battersea power station, Westminster Palace and the many museums. This all got me thinking; how do other people start planning their games?

I can see the relevance of forming your world around your plot, but having the geography of the world define the path the plot might take feels a little unusual. Does anyone have any more bizarre ways of forming the game world? The principle NPCs’ agendas first? A particular message or cause you want the players to get behind?

How do other people do it?

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    Ian Warner says:

    Take a cue from the new Doctor Who series. Run a series of seperate stories and connect them with little hints on the big bad to come. I did that most successfully with my Innocents game last year.

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