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Shadowrun Saturday

By Azrael

Hey chummers!

Following Skimble’s suggestion, I am holding back more Shadowrun write-up posts so as to have a weekly release schedule. I have a handful of write-ups that follow on from each other, all part of the same campaign, and I’ll be posting them each Saturday (hence the title of this article). No, there isn’t a write-up released today, this week’s got posted before we came up with the catchy Shadowrun Saturday idea, so you’ll need to wait until next Saturday.

I would however like to have feedback from readers. Have you read the write-up? Did you like it? If you don’t know anything about Shadowrun did it make sense? Is there anything that needs further explanation?

If you’ve played Shadowrun before, take these write-ups as an opportunity to post (as comments or full articles) and share some of the interesting or funny events that may have happened in your games.

When I finally run out of Shadowrun write-ups I will move on to write-ups I’ve done in other games – though I can’t promise they’ll fit into as pithy and catchy a collection as Shadowrun Saturday.

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