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Shadowrun Saturday comes to an end

by Azrael

I hope you all enjoyed our all too brief Shadowrun Saturday series, but it has to come to an end because I have no more decent write-ups from that particular campaign. I do however intend to start posting a new write-up series based on The Edge of Midnight RPG. For want of a better name the series will be called Edge of Midnight Monday and be released, surprise surprise, on Mondays.

Shadowrun Saturday

By Azrael

Hey chummers!

Following Skimble’s suggestion, I am holding back more Shadowrun write-up posts so as to have a weekly release schedule. I have a handful of write-ups that follow on from each other, all part of the same campaign, and I’ll be posting them each Saturday (hence the title of this article). No, there isn’t a write-up released today, this week’s got posted before we came up with the catchy Shadowrun Saturday idea, so you’ll need to wait until next Saturday.

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Dragon Droppings: Evolved

Welcome one and all to the new form of Dragon Droppings.

Rather than requesting submissions until I’m blue in the face and/or deceased from suffocation, I have decided (thanks to an idea from Louise, the AGS’s new Secretary)  to launch Dragon Droppings as a blog.

What this means is that ANYONE can sign up and create posts for the blog, so that hopefully we will soon be able to provide a great cross section of news, reviews, opinions, actual play experiences and other articles related to subjects dear to the AGS.

I’ll still have editorial control over the content so you can expect it to be spelled correctly (most of the time, at least) and to employ proper grammar, and of course I shall also endeavour to ensure that the material is interesting.

That means there might be a short delay between submitting a piece and it appearing on the blog, but it will be worth the wait!

I’ve created a Twitter feed at http://twitter.com/agsdragonpoo/ (it’s a long story) that will update whenever a new post is made here. Following that is a great way to see when new content is added, along with any other random cra… er, stuff, we decide to post.

Finally, thanks to Andy the webmonkey, who has set up the WordPress backend the blog is running on in record time considering that he has also been busy elsewhere.

I look forward to reading your articles!